A Little Bit of Red


In hindsight, things could have probably gone a lot smoother.

The palace’s great hall explodes in confusion as the main doors swing wide. The gorgeous ceiling which was a one of a kind greel wood mosaic rains down upon the crowd below having been exposed to rapid fire turrets trying to track Thanatos and Aurekk.

The assembled guests in the hall itself have already descended into panic in tune to the shrill alarms that blanket the palace. There are those who are running for the main doors, pushing one another in a mad trample as screams of “assassin!” echo. Some are of a more stalwart nature though, ducking under tables or standing their ground with ceremonial short swords drawn.

Two of the guards lay crumpled before the Queen’s audience chamber, Raez’yr standing upon the steps looking back upon the crowd in a traditional fighter’s stance. The random attendants in the hall are shouting and panicking and nobody looks like they’d like to take on the twi’lek who just disabled two of the queen’s guard with her fists; but the rest of the queen’s guard and palace reserves are trying to surge in over a sea of nobles trying to get out.

A quick glance around shows how dire things are. Kaze is in no condition to fight, his chest rising and falling in short uneven gasps while Caitlyn is busy trying to heft a halberd that’s about three times taller than she is. If it comes to a fight; it’ll easily be odds of at least two dozen to one.

Solani’s crouched by the queen, her medpack already on the ground as her hands race across the elderly woman to try to stabilized her. A heart attack, a seizure, or maybe just a panic attack could be happening, but it’s hard to say why or what’s happening.

“Full evacuation; sniper team get your asses to the roof NOW” shouts a familiar voice in your combined communication pieces as a shuttle comes screeching in low over the palace roof.

At least one part of the plan is going accordingly… Now you just need to figure out how everyone else is getting out alive.


Really lovin this arch man, has just the right amount of espionage and politics! Looking forward to a heroic evasion of the scrap yard yet again!


Thanks! I’m glad this one resonates so well! =)


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