Standing an imposing 6'6 and composed of a dark gun metal alloy, Thanatos-17 is an exemplary example of the IG-86 line of battle droids. Its only differentiating qualities being its battleworn armor plates & hooded cloak


Player Name: Cody
Character Name: Thanatos-17
Species: Droid
Manufacturer: Holowan Mechanicals
Product line: IG-Series
Model: IG-86 Sentinel Droid
Primary Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization Trees: Assassin

Soak: 6 │ Wounds: 13 │ Strain: 12 │ Defense: 0/0

Brawn: 3 │ Agility: 3 │ Intellect: 2 │ Cunning: 2 │ Willpower: 2 │ Presence: 2

General Career Skills | Rank
Athletics: 1 │ Cool 1 │ Coordination 2 │ Mechanics 2 │ Perception: 1 │ Piloting – Planetary 1 │ Stealth: 2 │ Streetwise: 1 │ Vigilance: 1

Combat Skills | Rank
Brawl: 1 │ Melee: 1 │ Ranged – Heavy: 3



Developed by Holowan Mechanicals and sold to the Hutt Cartel, Thanatos-17 began its existence surrounded by others of its kind. Purchased in bulk to act as guards, enforcers, and assassins, the IG-86 model battle droids rapidly became a staple in many Huttese Palaces throughout Cartel space. Thanatos, originally designated 17, was sold to numerous different Hutt families, being bartered and traded for favors, credits, and equipment all the while performing nefarious tasks for his temporary masters without question or hesitation.

Decades passed until Thanatos was traded to Teemo the Hutt who was eager to make use of the Droids valued skills. He paired 17 with one of his more reliable bounty hunters, Reil Volo, and sent them on dozens of missions on his behalf. All the while Teemo refused to mind-wipe Thanatos, believing that his ability to learn from his experiences and glean insight into Volo’s craft would be invaluable assets in a tool of his caliber. So years passed and Thanatos, taking the name for himself, learned and adapted; gaining more and more insight into what it meant to be a bounty hunter and a soldier of the Hutts.

Yet it was not meant to last. Teemo gave Volo and Thanatos a very important mission to hijack sensitive data from a rival Hutt and return it to Teemo without being discovered, it was of upmost importance that the theft not be noticed. With utmost professionalism and skill Volo and Thanatos infiltrated the enemies palace, slipped past the Gamorean guards and droid sentinels and hacked into the database. After the information had been uploaded into 17’s memory banks the team made their escape, but just before they were clear of the palace Volo played his hand and blasted the IG in the back with a EMP pulse, shutting him down.

When Thanatos’ systems rebooted he was alone with Volo who had just finished up a conversation with Teemo, all he managed to hear was “destroy that traitorous droid” before the comm cut off. Volo turned to his partner with a malevolent smile and apologized for how it all played out, but after all, credits are credits and if he can successfully play both sides without a hitch why wouldn’t he? With that he extracted 17’s primary memory core and then kicked the malfunctioning droid down into a scrap heap, where over time he became buried by the detritus and slag of the years.

Years later his tarnished, smashed remains were discovered by a handful of Ugnaught scavengers who extracted his shattered remains and rebuilt him. Yet for all their mechanical skill they lacked the resources and talent to restore his computer systems and had no primary memory core that would suffice. So they sold him to a passing Togruta for less than they had wanted, but she was just so kind to them how could they refuse? Solani, as she would later introduce herself, took the Droid to many specialists to find the parts she needed and, using her talents in computer technology, she managed to bring the droid back online with a few added protocols to ensure her continued existence.

Upon coming online Thanatos did not recognize the world due to the extraction of his primary memory, causing it to lose the majority of its experiences and personality. Solani gave 17 a purpose and as time has passed his backup memory cores have begun to leak fractured images into his primary memory core, memories of past events and a previous life. These “dreams” are a cause of great concern for Thanatos on many levels, yet he is curious as to what they mean and aims to find answers. Since the day of his re-initiation Thanatos has stood beside his new master with unflinching loyalty, yet whether that is due to respect, appreciation, or a installed protection protocol, only Solani can truly say.

Obligation (Betrayal and 30):

Thanatos was betrayed and the fractured memories of this betrayal haunt his consciousness. He knows that something happened, something that he should make right, but he doesn’t know precisely what it is. As he travels the Galaxy with Solani he constantly seeks clues to his past, yet he is unaware that his past also seeks him.

Upon his initial reboot under Solani’s care Thanatos’ former employer became aware of his return. Teemo, being the industrious and intelligent Hutt that he is, has all of his droids installed with ‘Status’ chips, that allow him to track their whereabouts and vital statistics. When 17 was brought online, Teemo was informed and dispatched a team to deal with the loose end permanently, yet before the hunters could find their mark Solani unwittingly removed the device and discarded it, leading the trackers to a dead end.

Thanatos seeks the truth and wishes to right the wrong that was done to him, Teemo seeks to end 17s existence to ensure that he doesn’t, because nothing is more dangerous than an Assassin Droid hunting for his mark, and the Hutt knows full well that he would be a high mark indeed.


Ambition – Wanderlust:
As an Assassin Droid Thanatos was originally programmed to take stock of terrain and catalog potential vantage points, structural weakness, and potential areas of exploitation in any structure, vehicle, or individual. Yet after his reboot a peculiar quirk developed in his system where he now desires to see and evaluate new things. He wishes to travel and see the sights of the galaxy, but while a non-droid might seek the beauty of an aesthetic he seeks only symmetry and quality workmanship. With a critical eye he painstakingly analyzes the qualities of any manufactured product and then rates them based on some internal algorithm only he understands. In many instances this could still provide vital information in any given situation as his keen awareness of the dimensions and objects around him could prove to be an asset, in other instances it is merely a personality quirk.

Relationship – Companion:
Upon being brought online and becoming acquainted with his new owner, Thanatos has been driven to serve his new master without flaw. Whether this is due to his innate programming, his appreciation of her rescue, his respect for her methodology, or simply because she installed specific loyalty and obedience protocols into his mainframe no one (not even 17) can truly be sure. Yet he stands beside his master with unwavering resolve, determined to protect her from harm and ensure that she can continue her work unimpeded by any who would threaten her in any way, shape or form. As time has passed his protective programming has become more extreme as it evolves from one week to the next, he is wary of those that approach his master and is not above acting preemptively in her defense if he perceives a threat.

Thanatos   haters

Recent Memory Data Files (Favorite Personal Moments):

  • Head-shotting the leader of the pirates holding Aurekk captive before combat initiated.
  • Slapping an explosive onto a droid, while shoving it into its comrades.
  • Convincing hostile security forces that Solani was his prisoner after the fire fight in theNar Shadaa Bazaar, thereby avoiding needless conflict and protecting his master.
  • Shooting through a Mandalorian’s shoulder, damaging his jump pack – then watching him leap to his death.


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