Nessa "Red" Hubert

Just a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time


Public records indicate that Nessa Hubert is deceased

A strikingly attractive woman in her early twenties, Nessa is an Alderaanian native with soft facial features and long red hair that goes to her shoulders. Some level of cosmetic surgery has been applied to the woman to make her hair’s natural red color shimmer when exposed to sunlight, but aside from that; she exudes an odd sort of natural beauty that sets most who see her at ease.

Her line of work and her ‘boyfriend’ has added several years to her otherwise delicate features, and a close look will reveal that her heavy makeup has been used to help cover up signs of repeated domestic abuse.


Strikingly attractive with a head of crimson hair and soft features; Nessa “Red” Hubert had lived a good life under a tremendously successful family business that ran a transportation network on Alderaan.

But life proved too boring for the wild child that she was, and Nessa found herself constantly running off with the wrong sort of boy; usually finding herself in custody by local security until her dad came by to pay the bail. It was a wonderful game and it felt like the only way to ‘feel’ anything from the rigors of an idyllic life was to… just push boundaries.

So one day after she turned 19; she caught the eye of a young spacer who happened to be leaving for Nar Shadda, and away they went… And in a turn of either brilliant (or abhorrent depending on your perspective) luck, the Empire took a keen interest in her little world not a day after her departure.

News came quick, and for the first time in her life… Nobody was coming for her, and the boy she was with tired of her before she could tire of him. Left in a cantina with a drink tab, she found herself quickly pressed into service with Baraka who put her to work as a dancer… and worse.

Eventually, she was ‘given’ to Hans; an up and coming underboss for the Hutt who had taken a liking to her, and for a little while life became a little more stable. Hans was a brute and a mad man, with a vicious streak which scared her and the Hutt’s who opted to let the underboss continue on as he pleased.

But a midst this sea of despair, she caught a lucky break and met a man who saw more than her profession. He saw the way she loved the feeling of air as it rushed through her hair while riding on a speeder, or the passion she had for horticulture and hiking that she’d partake in as a youth on Alderaan.

And despite knowing it was a bad idea, she eventually fell in love with the Lance “The Magic Man” Zimmer; who snuck away with her as often as he could.

It was a moment of happiness for her, but eventually Hans found out she’d been seeing someone outside of the brothels and declared he would tear the person limb from limb. She tried to break it off with Lance to protect him but… Well; the rest is history now isn’t it?

Nessa "Red" Hubert

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