Agent Raill Cheltra

Imperial Intelligence operative; Ryjal 3 operation


“Why propoganda? Because soldiers and expensive, and smiles are not”
- Raill Cheltra on the subjugation of REDACTED

To look at him, you’d imagine the tall lanky agent has never seen a day in the trenches of a war; but you’d be mistaken. The pale blonde has been instrumental in dozens of insurrections, coups, and ‘political realignments’ across the galaxy since the days of the clone wars; though his best work is clearly done behind the scenes rather than at the tip of a knife.

Pragmatic and professional, you can’t help but notice his polished diction and quiet calculating mind that makes you feel like you’re a number (and not a particularly high or important one) when he looks at you.

Agent Raill Cheltra

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