A Little Bit of Red

Hyperspace diaries

That night, sleep is… elusive as your ship gently rockets through space towards the Smugglers Paradise station. Even now, you hear a muted scream that refuses to go quietly into the night; all that hatred, and anger, and jealousy, and impotence creeps into your vision as you pull yourself out of bed in a cold sweat.

The last two days of your life have probably been among your worse. Never before have you had something so visceral enter your mind, and bend your will so far away from you that you felt like a stranger to your own consciousness; but you take a little solace as you find yourself steadying a breath you hadn’t realized you were drawing.

Nothing you do will ever bring back those who were harmed by what you did; but there is a grim satisfaction to be had from the memory of Hans burning beneath that Nar Shadda night sky. Be he a renegade jedi, an elaborate alchemist, or something beyond science and the inexplicable; you defeated the impossible and that makes you mighty.

And then… there’s Zimmer and Red.

From Aurrekk’s viewpoint:

It’s a shame about Red, but at the end of the day; nobody gets to walk away from what they were. Zimmer was responsible for the whole sale trading of thousands of lives, and the weapons and drugs he dealt in weren’t making lives better for anyone; and for all the misery he brought, he was going to ride off into the sunset?

Sooner or later, everyone will be made to account for what they did; and with that thought you find sleep’s tender embrace begin to encircle you and pull you back to bed for a well earned rest.

From Raezyr’s viewpoint:

It’s hard to shake what you saw. All that work, all that effort into rescuing Zimmer and Red; only to watch them evaporate like that. You’re not sure if it’s just the stress of the last two days, or the harrowing fight, but…. you can’t help but think that you feel less ‘bad’ about this than you should. As if maybe their tragic deaths lacked the weight you feel when those close to you pass on.

Ultimately Red and Zimmer found each other again, and your thoughts drift to that first embrace you had when you found your family again. Life in the galaxy is fragile, and we should be so lucky as to find our loved ones before the darkness claims us.

With that, you take a deep breath and return to bed where sleep finally finds you.

From Solani and Winter’s viewpoint:

There’s an odd sense of guilt and sadness that creeps around your mind, but it feels propped up and forced. All that work to save Red and reunite her with Zimmer, just to see them explode like that; who wouldn’t be feeling like they’d just been robbed?

But you find yourself running the moment to yourself over and over again. You saw them board the shuttle, you heard their final message, the explosion that ripped across the sky a scant two minutes past take off, and that they’d spend the rest of their lives running so long as the Hutt’s knew they were out there?

And rather than that guilt and sadness you think you should be feeling, there is only a wry sense of curiosity about how Lance “The Magic Man” Zimmer made his escape. You have nothing to even remotely suggest that they survived, but yet…

You don’t know if you’ll ever see either of them again. If they’re smart, they’ll want to put as much distance as they can between this life and their new one; but somehow everything… just feels alright; and with that you find sleep reaches out to you once more.



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