A Little Bit of Red

Corrupted File Recovery #1


Genuine laughter rocked the cabin as the man seated before you takes a long drag from a lit death stick; his hair swept up in a manner that you deduce is done in this manner to keep one’s vision clear, but then you wonder if that were so why not just remove all that hair in the first place? And why color it luminescent blue and purple?

You file it away as another random factoid about Reil, your partner and master.

… and maybe friend? You’re not so sure about the last item, but your processors don’t dismiss the thought altogether and it brings you something that you imagine to be the emotional equivalent of relief and satisfaction in knowing you have someone you can count on.

“Holy hell… Did you see his head?! It went like… pbbbbbthh!… Oh man…” continues Reil as he turns a little and you realize that he’s armed and gesturing to the remains of the pilot whose head now decorates most of the view screen in the cockpit. You note that it’s the result of a short range heavy blaster round, the explosive effect at this distance makes it an inefficient choice of weapon. There’s some sobbing and screaming that catches your attention and you pivot in place, catching sight of the heavy flamethrower that you’re apparently carrying.

A variety of readouts flood your vision; thirty three unarmed civilians have been herded into the main bay and you immediately begin drawing target vectors on all of them. An electronic checklist in the corner of your vision reminds you of your contract to capture a fleeing accountant who had stowed away aboard this particular refugee ship. The task for the accountant is already marked as having been successfully captured, but there’s an unfulfilled condition that flashes twice indicating that it’s still outstanding.

“Master… I would remind you that a condition of our contract is to fake our target’s death” you intone, the checklist sliding out of the way as you regard the terrified refugees. The original plan had been to dump a ‘genetic’ double after grabbing the target, but his presence on a packed refugee ship left no room for a subtle body switch.

“Already handled… Ship’s on a collision course with the nearest sun right after we hop off to meet Baraka the Hutt…” says the senior bounty hunter his voice loud and proud, causing a wave of panic in the crowd. Your subsystems flash as the first two people charge you, makeshift weapons raised.

“Thanatos… kill these savages” says Reil offhandedly as he picks up the stunned accountant beside him.

You raise the flame thrower and your world goes to hues of orange and blue as the memory begins to phase out of alignment. The video goes dark, and all you’re left with is the sound of Reil laughing over, and over, and over again…



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