A Little Bit of Red

Thoughts of an idle assassin droid in hyperspace

From the perspective of Thanatos

You’re not entirely sure if you think this is something to enjoy (as you were never programmed for it), but there’s something about the files you download that makes you believe in some all powerful maker that ensures that everything in the galaxy remains in balance.

According to your dossier and timelines, Reil continued on work as a high profile bounty hunter, snaring some top targets in the galaxy, escalating to capturing a minister of defense on some hapless world in the outer rim. It’s at about this point however, that you notice that the intelligence in the dossier takes a different turn from talking about what he had done, to where he went and what his movements were.

In the days leading up to the destruction of the first death star, the deployment of an Imperial task force with Star Destroyers and walkers can be seen as… a little heavy handed. The Empire is not at all afraid to use terror to subjegate any of its worlds, but sometimes a more indirect method is needed to coerce a planet of the folly of turning away from the main.

Enter Goruda the Hutt who ran one of the largest private military clans in the galaxy. Goruda’s operation would generally blockade a world, pillage it’s people, then leave once the planet called for Imperial assistance which would arrive just in time to ‘save’ a beleaguered people. It generally worked well on planets which were too far flung to deploy an actual garrison, yet important enough to not warrant collateral damage.

Reil Volo got contracted for the critical extraction for Goruda who wanted the codes to a planetary defense network before their blockade started. Reil’s team went in, organized nothing short of a coup, and extracted several key members of government which in turn should have forced the planet into an easy surrender.

Where the plan fails however, is that Goruda got angry when local resistance persisted; and he turned the might of his warships to begin dragging asteroids into the planet. Billions were killed and there was a huge cover up that blamed an unlucky cosmic event and the untimely failing of a planetary defense network.

Imperial intelligence needs to silence Goruda, but doesn’t really know how to go about doing it, and as such has taken a keen interest in the workings of several Hutt cartels which don’t like the attention. In an attempt to disassociate themselves from Goruda, the clans have been trying to track down the rogue cartel; which happens to include some intel on Reil Volo among hundreds of other ancillary contractors who are now travelling with Goruda.

You make the robotic equivalent of a chortle of mockery at the notes, realizing yet another failing of organics. They’re trying to track a phantom fleet that strikes at random and with no warning, and are inevitably failing at it. You on the other hand, see patterns not in the massive fleets but in their individual contractors as you start passively searching the holonet for sightings and tips on the various contractors and known associates of Goruda’s cartel.

The organics have made the folly of trying to see an invisible forest, while completely neglecting the trees that comprise it. You will not make that mistake, and when you’ve found the pattern you’re looking for; you will find the phantom fleet…

… and you will kill Reil Volo.


That is beyond badass! I am super excited for how this plays out!


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