A Little Bit of Red


Local security has peacefully resolved an incident that occurred earlier this morning when a freighter was hijacked from Tone Industries and began heading for the capital city. After tense negotiations that ended without any shots being fired, the unmarked freighter landed in the Duskari plains and revealed several refugees who claim they had been captured and forced into indentured servitude by the bioengineering giant; Tone Industries.

Tone Industries has denied allegations of such labor practices for years; adding that the people aboard the freighter had all signed contracts after arrangements had been made to transport, house, and train them on Ashen 3; and that this attack on their facilities and the theft of their starship is a clear demonstration of the district attorney’s office agenda to displace the megacorporation.

Public outcry over these allegations has led to demonstrations in Capital Square, and several suppliers have stopped carrying Tone Industry wares as a show of support for the refugees who are now being hailed as heroes for drawing the megacorporation’s practices into the light.

Claims that the incident began when a group of armed gunmen entered the Tone Industries hangar bay and stole the ship with its refugee cargo have gone unanswered, with company officials stating that there was an unfortunate reactor leak in the hangar which led to the death of several employees. Ashen Security has denied this claim stating that no one else was found aboard the freighter and that Tone Industries was simply ‘buying time now that they knew their dirty secret was in the light’.

The future of the refugees themselves in uncertain having been entered into protective custody, with sentient rights advocates claiming that these refugees would be unlikely to be allowed to go home for at least another five standard years.



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