Winter M'Jest

"I've been through worse, honestly; you should've seen the time I died."


(The following data entry has been altered by The Bounty Agency for accuracy)

Born Sessiesh M’Jest,(Born Kaze S’riff) the seventh son of the seventh prince of the ruling family of a beautiful world; Winter grew up in the shadow of others. Born so far from the chance to accept rulership through means of succession, he was left far beneath the notice of his vast family. Nonetheless, a life of luxury helped him develop a love for control, fame, and a taste for the expensive. Whats a young, wealthy royal to do to get attention other than turn to illegal racing, heavy drinking and high stakes gambling? What began as brief forays into the underworld, became necessary extended stays when his trust fund dried up and he was left with vast debts that only increasingly audacious crimes could get him out of. Rob a bank to replace a crashed speeder bike, so he could use the speeder bike to steal a starship to help pay off his debt? All part of the plan. His more recent story begins when he crashed his most recent ship on his way to pay off a Hutt… with the starship he crashed. (Preceding Fabrication in Totale)

He took the name Winter as the result of an insult from his cousins; that he would only get the throne when the harvest happened in winter. He wears it like a badge of honour, that he would find success no matter what was against him. ( False. Kaze, translated from Mandalorian is a winter that brings razor sharp hailstones, likely a translation. )

(Likely a pain based hallucination, and Untrue)
On the brink of death, Winter reflects;
This is it, isn’t it? What little luck I had ran out. How the Hell did i get here?

… My chance. This was it. Aratech’s “Fastest Lifeform in the Galaxy” competition, on my planet. I cant believe they hadn’t done it sooner; hundreds of idle rich, youth with nothing better to do but race, and a beautiful backdrop on which to set a contest I had fantasized about for my entire life.

Back then… hmm, must have been a month ago, my “friends” called me the greatest racer they knew. It was probably the richest racer they knew. I had the best speeder, the best aftermarket parts, and the best pre/post race party favours. In my own mind, the contest was just a formality; that Aratech should set to calling me champion before they made planetfall.

Pain. My lungs are on fire… am i even breathing? I should remember how to breathe

The first qualifying heat was a joke. I was seeded low, because I had never raced professionally. I blew away my competition with the practiced ease that only a 75000 credit swoop bike can buy. The second heat is where I fell flat. My skills, or lack there of, put me beyond even placing. I had lost before I even really started. This is where my mind started turning. I would come up with a way to win. Maybe I wouldn’t win the race, but I could still win the competition.

Good. Someone picked me up. It must be to bury me. Ive been running a while. Would be nice to rest.

My prize of choice was part of the exhibit Aratech brought with them to the competition. They would bring bikes and speeder cars from all throughout their history, lovingly restored to factory floor glory. My choice was the “KN-173”; the “Aratech Knight” swoop bike. Twelve were made for first responding Jedi knights in the clone war. Capable of 275kmh, and operating 300km above ground, it was one of the fastest, best armed swoop bikes ever created. A jewel in Aratech’s crown, and a part of Imperial History. It had to be mine… I just needed accomplices.

Doc’s a crook… Wookie is crazy… Droid is barely stable… guess the Twi’lekk is kinda cute in all that armour. Not a one trusts me… probably best

In the weeks leading to the contest proper, the main event so to speak, I contacted “Kaze S’riff”; leader of the “New Mandalorians”. We all called them Neo-Mandos, or just Mandos. They were a major swoop gang back home. Bloodthirsty lunatics some said, but that was only if you crossed em, or didn’t pay your bets. I told them about the bikes that would be siting there for the taking. That I could get them stun weapons, and even slicing keys to the place, it was nothing that my money couldn’t buy, they just needed to back me and give me my cut.

Please… Don’t leave me with the Med-droid

The night of the last race, security was lax, and they went down without a problem. The door popped open to the tune of a very expensive slicing key, and then we were inside. Concealing my open glee, I headed straight toward the Knight.My lungs are burning I had toured the exhibit multiple times, all the while casing the place. While the Mando’s drooled over all their new tech, I had my prize. The Knight started like a dream…Am I dreaming? the nightmare started when the engine triggered the in house alarms. Thinking fast, I gunned the engine and burst through the front door; not knowing that blowing out the glass with such an impact would trigger the blast sheilds and lock the Mandos inside. Pain I took the… The opportunity to inform the local authority that the exhibit was surrounded by Mando swoop bikes. Just like that, I had my scapegoat.

My head feels like the inside of an ion engine

I flew the bike to an abandoned family estate and secreted it inside one of our on site vaults. I took the key, and flew my everyday bike to the starport. I left the planet on my Firespray, “Harvest”. It was just a few days later I was crashing into Tattooine. It was just a few days later I tried to cheat that Hutt to get back off planet… it was a few days and then i was in that bar… facing down Gammoreans… a few days later… Im freeing slaves… a … few … days… later…

I died…

Date: 2 Local Days post “Aratech Fastest Lifeform Competition”
Party Aggrieved: Grand Moff Richten, A.K.A Regent Richten M’Jest
Complaint: Male Relative. Son. Sessiesh M’Jest. Found Deceased at M’Jest summer estate
Cause: Unknown. Massive internal bleeding believed to be cause.
Addendum: Cause of death from electrocution.
Accused: Kaze S’Riff. Member of Mandalorian House S’Riff. AKA: Winter

Recording from covert Bounty Agent follows:
(Redacted, 46.25 Minutes flirting, carousing, singing, drinking)
Agent: So, Winter, right? Tell me again what a guy like you is doing on Nar Shadda?

Winter: Maybe I want to hear your story first, cutey. (Subject was intoxicated)

Agent: Aww, I’m not so interesting, sweetheart! C’mon, spill, you’re drinking in armour, that’s a touch overdressed.

Winter: I guess. Look, it’s a long story, but I can cut corners. I’m, well, who are you going to tell? I’m a Mandalorian, not a hunter or anything, just Mandalorian. So, ‘repping for my homeworld I head to the Aratech competition, right? Fastest Lifeform? Yeah, thats the one. At any rate, this hopped up local royal gets it in his head that the “Mandos” are the greatest, and starts a swoop gang that trys to follow our style. Heavy bike armour, the t-shape visor; you know… but hes getting it wrong, right? His swoop gang? They drink, they spice up hard, and they terrorize locals. I catch flak just trying to race, ’Go Home Neo-mando!’ they’re all shouting at me. I decide to have a talk with this Sessiesh (Name mispronounced, corrected here) kid. He thinks I want to join his gang! He has a “job” set up to steal a bike that racers dream about. So, I “join” up for a night. Short story, kid trips the alarm, and the bike runs a million volts through him, meant to stun, must of been how spiced he was, it just stopped him cold. Alarm blaring, kid still deadlocked on the bike, I jump the thing and bail. I drive it to where he had the navcomp set, and drop his body. Had to take his ident chip to get offworld, and it took a hell of a lot of credits to get it matched to my thumb. Least I know where that bike is. So what do you say, beautiful? (Laughter) I’m kinda two people. Do you want the ruffian or the royal?

Agent: Kaze S’Riff, as an acting agent of the Bounty Agency, I hereby place you under arrest. It is in your interest to (Blaster Fire)

Winter: (Previous intoxication slur disappears) Damn. I had to pick the hunter, on a planet of criminals I find an honest girl. Guess I’m just Sessi… Winter M’Jest. Fuck.

(Bounty remains unclaimed)

Winter M'Jest

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