Solani Naxos

Tall and slender with the token striking white and orange markings of her people, she tends to stick out amongst the throng which she uses, not unlike a carnivorous plant, to attract the naive, desperate, or curious.


Player Name: Bianca
Character Name: Solani Naxos
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Primary Career: Colonist
Specialization Trees: Doctor

Soak: 3 │ Wounds: 11 │ Strain: 13 │ Defense: 0/0

Brawn: 1 │ Agility: 2 │ Intellect: 4 │ Cunning: 2 │ Willpower: 2 │ Presence: 3

General Career Skills | Rank
Charm: 1 │ Computers: 1 │ Cool: 1 │ Medicine: 2 │ Negotiation: 1 │Streetwise: 1

Combat Skills | Rank
Ranged – Light: 1

Knowledge Skills | Rank
Core Worlds: 1 │ Education: 2 │ Underworld: 1


The good doctor she is not; helping those who already possess the faculties to help themselves, she uses her skills and knowledge to survive no matter what. Using her charm and wit, she has an aptitude for convincing others to enter her circle and she does her best to ensure they never leave. Her imposing IG-17 droid, looming ominously beside her, is further motivation to avoid crossing the deceptively kind doctor unless of course extreme pain or death are what you are into.


Solani was taken from her home world, Shili, years before the rebellion began where control of her planet was solidly in the hands of the now self-styled emperor. Raised within a wealthy household of supporters of the empire, she was intended to be a sort of exotic novelty pet slave though her natural willingness to be a part of the family, as well as her tenacity and intelligence, proved she had potential for more. The head of the household saw as much and, out of curiosity, granted her an education where she ambitiously strove to absorb as much knowledge as possible; studying medicine, she realized that her new skills are and will always be in high demand and she can exploit that to her advantage or to the disadvantage of another. Her people, the Togruta, strongly believe in only the fittest surviving and the weak being left to die as they would only hold the pack back. Convinced that is nature’s way, she only uses her talents to aid the strong which would in turn protect or aid her in exchange. So naturally, when the head of her adoptive house fell ill, she perceived the pack to be weak and she simply said there was nothing that could be done and used the chaos of the situation to slip away to find new companions and create her own wealth.

Surviving in the underbelly of Coruscant, she managed to scrape a living by performing illegal body modifications and surgeries, as well as selling illegal equipment or even drugs. She would often attach herself to groups or gangs where she would be the “go to” for most shady hookups; to expand her already seedy repertoire, she learned what she could from clients or friends that knew a thing or two about slicing. This inevitably lead to a tip-off about a very dangerous-looking droid being sold on the black market. Being in desperate need of a bodyguard, especially since she often finds that her clients or “partners” tend to die a bit more quickly than she likes, she managed to acquire the droid-turned-coatrack from some idiotic Ugnaughts. With her slicing skills and some acquisition of parts, the IG droid was up and running and it quickly proved that it is a far better pack member than any other she has encountered.

The pair have been hopping worlds ever since, finding work and skirting authorities wherever possible however that prompted the inevitability of a bounty being placed on the doctor’s head. She believes she is being framed for her old master’s death or perhaps it’s all those illegal transactions, either way, she has far too much to accomplish to get turned in now and she is seeking a few shields- er, companions to help ensure she can continue her work.


Bounty: Whether it is due to her being blamed for her old master’s death, the Empire being fed up with her shady work habits, or it was a transaction that went sour, Solani is a wanted professional and she very much does not want to be caught.


Spirituality: As a result of her culture and natural instincts, Solani possesses a strict belief that only the strong survive and she applies this to her work and every day situations.

Solani Naxos

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