• Default Character Sheet

    Default Character Sheet

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  • Raez'yr


    Fierce and armed to the teeth Raezyr rides out the storm that is her life by her own will. She sells her martial talents that her family might enjoy the privilage of the life of freedom.
  • Solani Naxos

    Solani Naxos

    Tall and slender with the token striking white and orange markings of her people, she tends to stick out amongst the throng which she uses, not unlike a carnivorous plant, to attract the naive, desperate, or curious.


    Standing an imposing 6'6 and composed of a dark gun metal alloy, Thanatos-17 is an exemplary example of the IG-86 line of battle droids. Its only differentiating qualities being its battleworn armor plates & hooded cloak
  • Winter M'Jest

    Winter M'Jest

    "I've been through worse, honestly; you should've seen the time I died."